The new generation of air purifiers

  • LIGHTAIR IonFlow 50 comes in three different models; floor, floor/table and ceiling. They all share the same stylish looks, features and performance.

  • It offers an outstanding combination of efficient, filter-free, silent, ozone free, energy efficient, easy to use and economical operation that is at home in any environment - a perfect balance between blending in and standing out. The clean lines, slim silhouette and transparency offer you a stylish alternative to typical industrial looking air purifiers. Lightair IonFlow 50 will nicely be part of your home, office, hotel, restaurant, school, shop, clinic and more.

  • SP (Part of the Swedish Government, Ministry of Industry) has tested a number of the market leading air purifiers in regards to their particle reduction performance of small particles. The test verifies that Lightair IonFlow 50 efficiently removes practically all airborne particles and that it is especially efficient in removing the smallest and most harmful particles. It is actually as good as one of the best HEPA filter based air purifier on the market, but without the noise, energy consumption and expensive filter change!


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